With the normalization of remote work, great communication and company alignment is more difficult to achieve.
Maintaining human proximity between colleagues is key for employee happiness and performance. Collaboration and communication are more important than ever but also feel more and more difficult to achieve with the increasing number of tools which silo knowledge.
Help your people connect
You have a lot of information on your employees, but too often this data is hidden in as HRIS, ATS, etc. Dokkument makes this data useful for internal collaboration by synching with your HR tools and adding new contextual data to answer one critical question: who is working on what.
Increase job satisfaction
Several studies have found that on average employees spend several hours per week looking for information, which is a painful and useless experience. When found, information is often out of date, not in the right place, or incomplete. Dokkument solves this issue by providing one single source of truth, an employee go-to for accurate information, hence making people way happier.
Fasten your onboarding
Onboarding starts the day a new employee enters the organization, and it doesn't stop at the end of the onboarding week. There are numerous ongoing questions to answer regarding what tools to use: which Slack channels to join, what team meetings to attend, who to contact when facing challenges, and the list goes on. Every new employee unnecessarily encounters this friction which saps team productivity. Dokkument empowers teams with the right information at the right time to streamline the onboarding experience.
Distribute ownership
Most tools that manage information rapidly become hard to sustain because they have a central point of authority and 99% of users are just basic contributors without a sense of ownership. Dokkument fixes that by delegating some powers to designated experts in each team. Shifting your organization from having one person against all the others to a team of passionate users spread all over the organization.
It's time to get it right
Knowledge is the most important resource of your organization, try Dokkument and never spill that resource again.