Companies use more and more apps, but the information itself is siloed and underutilized.
SaaS is transforming the world. Anyone can now bring their own apps without getting IT approval. This makes it difficult for IT teams to understand app usage, costs, ownership and data policy. Dokkument helps you fix this.
Manage all the apps your employees use
Dokkument detects all SaaS apps within your organization, including those in Shadow IT. You will be able to better manage your apps catalog, reduce security risks and create a process to add a new app. Stop the tedious and manual process to discover all apps being used. Dokkument detects all of them in real time.
Provide a secured and integrated single source of truth
Several studies have found that in average employees spend several hours per week looking for information and that this is often a painful experience. Information is often out of date, not in the right folder or doesn't exists. That's a huge problem that we try to solve. By creating a single source of truth that can reference external documents, facilitating collaboration and offering a fast search Dokkument gives you all you need to scale without effort.
Make collaboration easier
We lose a lot of time searching for information, contacting colleagues, recreating existing content. The source of that is usually a lack of alignment, the lack of standard process push everyone to reivent the wheel. But this strategy is not efficient. Dokkument aims to create alignment, we offer a place in which experts can define the rules that will help other people achieve things faster and better.
It's time to get it right
Knowledge is the most important ressource of your organization, try Dokkument and never waste that resource again.