We make aligned.
We make people and organizations aligned.
Dokkument team
Most companies still don't know how the work is being done internally and struggle to have a full picture of how the company works.
Hours are spent emailing or slacking colleagues to retrieve basic information. Tools built to simplify that only add more complexity and rapidly becomes hated by most.
It all boils down to one fact : Everybody is focused on his personal goal and nobody is too much concerned about solving problems in the best interest of the organization.
As a result, companies becomes less efficient, innovative and rapid. Which increase the need of alignement.
It's high time to use proper collaborative tools.
Our founders
Paul Gonsolin
Product & Engineering
Previously co-founded Kronos Care (acquired).
Previously at ContentSquare, Dataiku.
Guillaume L'Hostis
Sales & Marketing
Previously co-founded Kronos Care (acquired).
Host podcast Champions de France.
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