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It's time for organizations to stop using outdated and non-structured tools to manage their knowledge.
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Knowledge without structure and proper discoverability is useless
If you are already aware of that, you are at the right place. There is no more critical stake for your company than being able to produce, organize, distribute and update knowledge. Though, as organizations grow, knowledge becomes unmanagable and performance sinks.
What is Dokkument?
Dokkument helps you to organize knowledge so that collaboration stops being a limiting factor of your productivity. By analyzing the process and tools used by the most inspiring companies we have built the first tool that will help you keep collaboration high while preserving a diversity of uses case and complex security access. Dokkument becomes the single source of truth for your employees' collaboration.
It's a way to make sense of the mess
Dokkument leverages its unique rights-management system to keep information well-organized, searchable, and up-to-date. Every organization is diverse, thus using a common framework is mandatory to succeed. Not everyone should be able to access any piece of information, but everyone is participating to increase the knowledge of the same organization. Dokkument was built to offer a welcoming environment for all user profiles of your organization: technicals or not, experts or beginners. All under the control of trusted admins.
Keep your existing tools, never distrupt your workflow
Using Google Sheets? Github? Salesforce? We're not asking you to change. Dokkument interfaces with third-party apps and tools so your employees can keep using their preferred tools. In a blink, the content from all those places is available and ready to use in Dokkument.
Bring collaboration to the next level
Dokkument is radically collaboration-oriented. Collaborate at any level: documents, folders, or whole organization. Every user contributes to organizing, curating and updating your organization's knowledge. Wether it's reporting outdated data, a missing document or duplicates, leverage the true power of having your employees work together.
Easy to use for anyone in the organization
Dokkument is built as a solution for every team in your organization, it is flexible enough so that tech teams will feel free using it and welcoming enough so that marketing and sales teams will love building knownledge internally. Everyone can use it, wether they want to distribute the new Sales pitch, new features on your main products, or to build the perfect new employees onboarding!
A quick head's up
Here are the questions we get asked the most.
Yeah, so that's another knowledge management tool?
Knowledge management is about organizing knowledge so that it is easy to find. Most of knowledge management softwares don't scale. At the beginning they are very neat and pleasant products but they miss one critical, fundamental aspect of knownledge management: scaling with you. As your company grow, they progressively become unusable aggregates of documents, links and presentations. A proper knowledge management solution needs to be robust and resilient to growth, people leaving and the company evolving. That is Dokkument.
My company has a long approval process for new vendors, can you handle it?
Yes ! We are a team of entrepreneurs used to building softwares for Enterprise Grade companies. Our former clients for other products include L'Oréal, LVMH, Patagonia or Gap. Both our product and our team are ready to meet your needs.
Is Dokkument a safe place to store my knowledge?
Yes ! Dokkument is GDPR compliant, we do not access your data at any time and we operate under NDA per your request. We integrate with external authentification providers through SSO and directly sync teams and users rights from your tools. If you need to store your data locally, please contact us.
It's time to get it right
Knowledge is the most important ressource of your organization, try Dokkument and never spill that ressource again.