A single place to connect your employees, organize your knowledge and manage your applications.
Integrated with all your apps.
For 150+ people org.
Secure by design.
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Knowledge is power, yet you struggle to access it
There is no more critical stake for your company than being able to produce, organize, distribute and update knowledge.
But as an organization grows, it becomes unmanageable and performance suffers.
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Too many remote-work apps.
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Lack of processes for knowledge.
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Poor rights management.
Dokkument fixes that for you, here's how
We put your employees on the right path
Organizations are complex, it's a fact. That should not be a burden on employees. Dokkument helps everyone understand where they stand, who's working on what, and how to navigate the organization.
We consolidate all your knowledge
Dokkument is the first connected knowledge base able to handle all kinds of documents whether it is some company information, markdown files, rich content documents, Google Docs, or any external document.
We embrace all your apps
Dokkument integrates with all your apps, detects hidden usage, manages them all in a single place, and organizes how they are used to facilitate onboarding, compliance and collaboration.
Take back control!
Easy to use
Easy to use for anyone in the organization
Dokkument is built as a solution for every team in your organization, it is flexible enough so that tech teams will feel free to use it and welcoming enough so that marketing and sales teams will love collaborating. Everyone can use it, whether they want to distribute the new Sales pitch, new features on your main products, or to build the perfect new employees onboarding!
It's time to get it right
Knowledge is the most important resource of your organization, try Dokkument and never waste that resource again.